Artist Statement

My work has been pre-selected for the ‘Threadneedle Prize’ and the ‘Society of Marine Artists’ at the Mall Galleries in London. Most recently ‘Greenhouse Frog’ selected for the ‘Royal Society of British Artists’ Mall Galleries, London exhibition February 2020, and the ‘Botanicals 2020 Exhibition’ and ‘4th Patterns Exhibition 2020’ for Light Space and Time, America.  I have also had a piece accepted for the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Open Exhibition 2020.

I was born in Margate, Kent United Kingdom, and moved to Shropshire UK where I now live and based as an artist.  

The journey of becoming an artist started after completing an A’ level Art and Crafts course at Telford College Arts Technology.  Then studying at the University of Wolverhampton where I started a MA in Fine Art, but had to stop due to ill health.  I am a stroke survivor and see colours in a new light.

My artistic inspiration has always been with natural forms of nature, and the wonderful colours nature produces. 

My favourite medium is oils and drypoint printing, but I also work in watercolour and acrylic, and I have just been introduced into the world of collage which has opened up a new way to express myself in my art.

The introduction of Haiku poetry has opened up a new and wonderful way to complete my artwork with words, and allow my spoken word to renew itself after my stroke. I suffered from slight aphasia from my stroke, and Haiku is allowing my cognitive impairment to improve on a day to day basis.

I hope you enjoy my artwork. Thank you.

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